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With the pervasive presence of constantly advancing technology in the field of engineering, Hartech Engineering is committed to the use of these tools to maintain a cutting edge approach to design alternatives. Whenever possible we bring the latest advances in computing and engineering technologies to bear on your project’s challenges arriving at an accurate and cost efficient solution.

We keep up to date with the use of the AutoCAD Civil 3D and other CADD platforms along with specialized discipline specific analysis tools and software.

Selected software applications may include:

  • AutoCAD Infrastructure Design Suite

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop

  • SAGA GIS Processing

  • US Army Corps of Engineers HEC Series

  • FHWA Hydrology & Hydraulics

  • USGS Hydrologic Analysis Applications

  • AquaVEO Watershed Modeling System (WMS)

We are also able to meet unique design challenges with development of specialized software in-house geared to providing an individualized approach to the project.

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